Nano SRT

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What is the Nano SRT?

The NANO SRT is a wellness system based on bio electric medicine to treat stress related syndromes. This tool is both a diagnostic and a therapeutic tool used by Chiropractors to relieve the body of stress, and to restore the body’s capacity to heal itself.

Below are some of the ailments that are caused by Stress.   The Nano SRT system is revolutionary, in that it will identify the exact stressor that’s causing the ailment such as , and re-training that stressor to not cause the body to re-act the same way it has in the past thereby allowing your body to get healthy again.


Sneezing/Running Nose

Sinus Congestion

Watery Eyes

Chronic Ear Infections

Joint Pain/Swelling


Itchy Skin






Stomach Upset/Abdominal Pain/Cramping



How does the Nano SRT work?

The NanoSRT uses state-of-the-art technology to screen for sensitivity to over 50,000 substances in just a few minutes-without needles of any kind.

The identified sensitivities are represented by individual frequencies in the electromagnetic energy field.  We test each of these frequencies painlessly by passing them through the body.  The digital frequencies identified as stressors are transferred into the treatment light.  The light is then passed over certain reprogramming points along various acupuncture meridians.  Through this process of neurological desensitization and neutralization of the body’s immune response, the patient’s reactions to these future stressors are eliminated, thereby desensitizing the patient to the sensitivity.

Any Sensitivity can be treated this way!

How Long Does it Take?

This procedure takes about 10-12 minutes and provides a complete findings report indicating the items (stressors), in order of severity, and these  stressors are identified as acute or chronic problems, that are most likely contributing to the patient health condition.  We can also treat 150 frequency stressors per visit whereas with other allergy elimination techniques, they can only do 1 per 25 hours

Nano SRT

Nano SRT Wellness System

 The Nano SRT Focus Therapy Tool

The Nano SRT Therapy utilizes the Nano SRT Focus Therapy Tool to transmit a series of frequencies that are developed as a result of the biofeedback test, and unique to each individual. These frequencies are transmitted via an LED light to various meridian points on the body.


Nano SRT Therapy

By transferring these frequencies into the body, the Nano SRT therapy re-calibrates the body’s response so that future exposure to the corresponding substances now allows the biofeedback measurements (and the body’s reactions) to fall within the acceptable parameters. Your body no longer feels overburdened or stressed by the stressors.

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