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Get 3 Stop Smoking Auriculotherapy Treatments for $69!

Standard Smoking Cessation Programs will Cost You More!

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 If you’ve been struggling to quit smoking, look no further.  We use cutting edge technology called Auriculotherapy.

 What is Auriculotherapy?

woman receiving auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy (also called Auricular Therapy) is a proven, effective tool to help you quit smoking by minimizing cravings and calming the nervous system. This tool works on any nicotine related habit.

Our Auriculotherapy procedure uses a very mild, electronic stimulation on the outside of both ears. This treatment is similar to ear acupuncture but it uses no needles.

Our procedure makes you feel like you just don’t need nicotine. This allows you to focus on changing your habits and lifestyle effectively.

Listen to what others say who have used Auriculotherapy to stop their smoking.



What Comes with my Quit Smoking Offer?

This Special Internet Offer includes:

  • A Health Consultation
  • The Initial Treatment
  • Acupressure Ear Seeds (placed on outside of ear)
  • & 2 Follow-up Boosters.

During your health consultation, we teach a very simple and effective method to overpower the triggers that tell you it’s time to smoke.  Afterwards, we administer treatment and place ear seeds on the outside of the ear – which look like little round band aids and That’s It!

How Quickly Can I Expect Relief?

In most cases, relief of cravings is noticed immediately after just ONE treatment! There are no adverse side effects. The treatments are non-invasive and remarkably effective.

How Do I Redeem this Offer?

You will need to make an appointment.  Call Us at 636.486.0773 to schedule your appointment today!

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